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Anti-Illiteracy Campaign -Paragraph

Illiteracy is a biggest problem for we read a paragraph about anti-illiteracy campaign.lets go for read anti-illiteracy paragraph.

Anti-Illiteracy Campaign -Paragraph

To remove illiteracy from the society we have to take necessary steps. We shall have to set up schools in different parts of the country and encourage the parents to send their children to schools. For adult, night schools should be set up where the ignorant s can get necessary mass education to rescue them from the curse of illiteracy. 

Anti-illiteracy campaign should be launched to make the common people aware of the necessity of education. As we are students we can take part in the anti-illiteracy campaign and can teach the illiterate people. We can also go to the village during long vacation to make a contribution to remove the illiteracy from the society.

We hope this paragraph will help you a lot of.thank you for read Anti-Illiteracy Campaign -Paragraph.