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Friendship -Paragraph

Few relation in earth never die... That's call friend. Now we will read a paragraph about Friendship. Lets go for read.

Friendship -Paragraph

--> Usually, friendship grows between two persons of the same age. But age is not a factor for friendship. Friendship brings one closer to other and unites all. Friendship demands faith and trust. Friends take the share of happiness and sorrow. Happiness increases but sorrow decreases in sharing. In life, one has to face many problems that one cannot solve. 
Them his friend stretches his hand for help and them the problem does not remain so long and it is solved easily.

In the society some people roam around us. But they are not real friends. They only come to share happiness but the in away at time of sorrow. So we should ad careful to choose friend. 

A friend can take his friend to the path of success. On the other hand, it is a friend who can derail his friend. Friendship is a great virtue. So everybody should have this virtue. It freshes …