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Load Shedding

Load shedding has become a common affair in all areas provided with electrical energy. It means discontinuation of the supply of electrical energy. The interruption in the supply of this vital item of energy, puts whole system out of gear and paralyses our life. Load shedding occurs when generation of power is less than the demand and also for unplanned distribution of electricity. To the people who used to live an electricity oriented life, load shedding is a great curse to him. All on a sudden, streets, markets and residential areas are covered with darkness. Houses, mills, factories and industries, shops, hospitals all fall a victim to it. The running mills, factories and industries come to a stand still. Domestic life becomes painful. The housewives grope in the darkness. The sufferings of the student due to load shedding beggar description. The patients in hospital also suffer. The slight of a patient undergoing on operation when the electricity duffenky in off, can better be ima…

My Daily Life

As a student, study is my main business. I get up early in the morning and wash my hands and face, do my ablution and offer my prayer. After offering prayer i in outside to have morning walk in the fresh air. Returning home i sit down for study then i in to madrasah and return home at 4:00 pm. I in out to play some hands after asar prayer. After magrib prayer do my study till 10:00 pm. I go to bed after taking dinner and copleting the Esha prayer with jama't at mosque. My hobby is reading books in my leisure period. Sometimes i enjoy special TV programe in my spare time.

Global Warming

Global warming means the increase of world temperatures day by day. Global warming affects the wildlife and wilderness adversely. He the temperature rises further, wildlife and wilderness will either be destroyed or be very badly damaged. Carbon dioxide polluter environment causes the greenhouse effect. This carbon dioxide is supplied by trees. So, deforestation is closely related to the greenhouse effect.

A Rainy Day

If it so happens that it rains all day long, we call it a rainy day. In such a day, the sky remains cloudy. The sun is not seen at all. The day looks dull and gloomy. Sometimes it rains heavily and sometimes it drezzles. Often there are flashes of lighting and roads of thunder in the sky. Birds are harldy seen to fly and cattle keep standing on their sides. In such a day, forke have to remain indoors. They cannot note from one place to another easily. The roads become almost muddy and desolate. The poor suffer very much. They cannot in out to farm their daily bread. It is a day of great low to the students because classes are not held viet day. Some people also spend the day in inspiring, playing at cards, singing or hearing songs. After all, a rainy day gives up both joy and sorrow. It comes to different classes of people in different ways.

A street begger

Begging is not an employment.It is a curse to any country. A street begger is a familiar figure in towns and cities.He is usually seen to beg sitting or standing by the roadsides, railway stations or bus stands. A street beggar may be either male or female.He is young or old, weak or strong. Blind and lame beggar is also seen there. A street beggar looks strange with dirty and torn cloths. A street beggar has his own way of life and mode of approaching for alms. He tries his best to draw the sympathy of the passers-by with his peculiar voice. Someone takes pity on him and gives a coin or two and go on his way. Again, someone becomes disgusted with his loud shouts and avoids him. A street beggar usually gets a small amount and finds it hard to support himself and his family. Infact, he leads a hard and miserable life.


Computer is a fairly recent invention.It has brought about a revolutionary changes in our life.It is an electronic device that can perform mathenatical calculations and process large masses of information at a great speed.It can make thousand of calculations in a moment.It can also store in its memory millions of facts and figures.It can not only solve complex mathematical problems quickly and accurately but also perform nany operations at once and at the same time without any confusion.Nowadays computer helps to diagnose a disease.Computer is of great use to us also in the field of agriculture and buriness.It has lessened our work loads and made our life easy and comfortable.

Higher Education- Paragraph

We will read a paragraph about Higher Education- Paragraph. Lets go for read.

Higher Education- Paragraph
The education which is offered in the universities is called higher education.A student will be eligible for higher education after completing his SSC and HSC examination successfully.

As places for higher education are limited in our country all the students completing their HSC will not be allowed to ge higher education.They have to face an admission test in different educational institutions.

The scope of higher education in our country is very limited.Our colleges and universities cannot accommodate all the students who are eligible for higher education.As a result a lot of students go abroad for higher education every year.

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Education For All

Education is the backbone of a nation.It is the precondition of development.Illiteracy is a curse.An illiterate man cannot play any role for the development of himself and the country.They do not know the scientific method of cultivation to increase the production of food.They are not coscious.They are idle.Education helps a man develop his body, mind and soul and thus liberates him from restrictions of habit.An educated person knows how to increase production.What should do in this changing situation and thus contributes towards change for the better.So every citizen of the country should be educated to develop himself and the country.

Environment Pollution

Environment is the most important factor of our life.Fresh environment is the precondition of our sound life.But the environment we live in is not fresh.It is polluted.The three factors of our environment water,air and sound are polluted for many reasons.Air is polluted mainly by the smoke that comes out from the chimneys of the factories and from motor cars,buses etc.Water is polluted by chemicals,insecticides,waste material of mills and factories, fuel oil, food waste and human waste etc. Which are thrown into water and mixed with it sound pollution caused by the indiscriminate use of hydraulic horn and loud rpeaker leads to deafness and creates many other health problems.Thus environment pollution threatens man with life causing a lot of harms.We should not allow this situation to continue.Positive steps should be taken to prevent environment pollution.