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Globalization -Paragraph

Globalization is a important part of our earth.we will read a paragraph about Globalization -Paragraph.lets go for read Globalization -Paragraph.

Globalization -ParagraphThis is the common fear about the adverse effects of globalization in the countries like ours. But, the fear is not quite justified because globalization has also a far-reaching effect on many aspects of life. With the development of hi-tech communication media and rapid transportation facilities the world has come closer. 

We can share our joys and sorrows like next door neighbours  Globalization also brings all types of different customs and behaviour into our homes through satellite television channels and the Internet. 

Now, we can enrich our local culture through constant interaction of different cultures. But, along with this, the cultural assault can also be resisted by the strength of our own traditional social values, beliefs and attitudes.

We hope this paragraph will help you a lot. Thank you for reading globali…