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Newspaper Reading- Paragraph

We will read a paragraph about Newspaper Reading- Paragraph. Lets go for read.

Newspaper Reading- Paragraph:

Yes, i an habituated in reading newspapers. I think it is necessary to read newspapers because reading newspapers, we can know about various lines of news and the current world. He i don't read newspapers i won't be able to know the important news of the world. 
I read specially daily newspapers. I prefer reading familish dailies to Bengali ones. It is needless to say that reading newspapers enriches one's knowledge. A newspaper is called the store house of knowledge. It contains the news of the happenings all over the world that makes us conscious. A newspaper publisher the news of various sectors of life.
It focuses on politics, economics, business, hands and sports, culture, literature, natural disasters and accidents etc. As i read newspapers i become aware of all there things. So reading newspapers is of great importance.
We hope this paragraph will help you a l…

Nobel Prize-Paragraph

Now we will read paragraph about Nobel Prize-Paragraph. lets go for read Nobel Prize-Paragraph. Nobel Prize-Paragraph
Nobel Prizes are awarded every year for outstanding contribution in the fields of science, literature and for promoting world peace. The winners of there prizes are talked about throughout the world. Under this prize, the prize winner gets a hold medal, a certificate and a large sum of money.

This prize is given to persons with most outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, literature, physiology or medicine, peace and economics. Economics was added in the list in 1969 for the first time. One prize is awarded in each field. If there are more then one recipients the prize money is equally distributed among them.
It is surprisingly true that this prize was instituted by a man who was the founder inventor of the science of destruction. This man was none but Alfred Nobel. The prize is given after his name. He was born in Stockholm on October 21,1833 an…

Olympic Games-Paragraph

we will read a paragraph about Olympic Games -Paragraph.lets go for read Olympic Games -Paragraph.
Olympic Games-Paragraph
The Olympic Games are a quadrennial international amateur sports contest. The modern games derived from the ancient Greek athletic festival held at the foot of Mount Olympus, believed to be the home of the Greek gods, in 776 BC, to honor the Greek's chief god Zeus. This indicates that the Greeks emphasized physical fitness and strength in their education of youth.
Later, in Roman times the games were banned by Theodosius the Great in 339 AD. The games were revived at Athens in 1896 Largely through the efforts of Baran Pierre de Coubertine, a French educator, who wished to improve national and international understanding through sports. In older times the winners were greatly honored by having olive wreaths placed on their heads and having poems sung about there deeds. 
The Olympic games were so sacred to the Greeks that wars in progress were halted to allow the…

Adult Allowance Programme-Paragraph

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Adult Allowance Programme -Paragraph

Adult allowance is a noble programme taken by the government in our country. In our country, the adults are mostly dependent on their sons and daughters. As they do not have the ability to work and earn, they are sometimes maltreated by their sons and daughters-in-law. They have to pass the concluding days of their life depending on others, which is a very painful experience for them. At that age they are not always properly valued and treated by their issues.
This allowance will help the adults to spend the last days of their life peacefully and happily.A budget, regarding the allowance of the adults was passed in the financial year 1997-98. The government has prepared a list of 4,03,110 people of 4497 unions of 461 thenas of the country under this programme.This is really a praise-worthy programme that brings back smile on the face of the old people who did a lot for the s…

A Kenyan Family-Paragraph

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A Kenyan Family-Paragraph:

In the past, the common form of marriage among the various cultural groups in Kenya wap polygamy and the polygamous families were embedded in extended family units consisting of a man, his several wives and their married sons and children. But in line with the modern world, things are now changing there. The old custom of polygamous marriage is yielding to the new practice of monogamy, although many polygamous families can still be found in the rural areas of Kenya.
Many monogamous Kenyans are now living in nuclear families with their single spouses and their children. Many of them have given up their pastoral lives and have become wage earners in cities. But the can hardly give up their extended family and lineage connections back in their villages. Some families have to maintain two households, one in their extended family home in the village and the other in the city. This often roses a dile…