Nobel Prize-Paragraph

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 Nobel Prize-Paragraph

Nobel Prizes are awarded every year for outstanding contribution in the fields of science, literature and for promoting world peace. The winners of there prizes are talked about throughout the world. Under this prize, the prize winner gets a hold medal, a certificate and a large sum of money.

This prize is given to persons with most outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, literature, physiology or medicine, peace and economics. Economics was added in the list in 1969 for the first time. One prize is awarded in each field. If there are more then one recipients the prize money is equally distributed among them.

It is surprisingly true that this prize was instituted by a man who was the founder inventor of the science of destruction. This man was none but Alfred Nobel. The prize is given after his name. He was born in Stockholm on October 21,1833 and he died on December 10, 1896. His father was also a scientist. He invented dynamite. 

This material is widely used for breaking rocks, digging petrol wells and in wars. Soon he became famous in the world and earned a huge sum of money by selling it. He left a will indicating that the interest on this money by selling it. 

He left a will indicating that the interest on this money should be given as prizes to persons for their outstanding contributions to physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace. The first Nobel Prize was given to Roentgen for his outstanding research in X-rays.

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