Our National Flag- Paragraph

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Our National Flag- Paragraph

National flag is the symbol of independence of a nation. Every nation of the world has a national flag of its own. Bangladesh has also a national flag. The proportion of its length and breadth is 10:6. Our national flag is a piece of rectangular green cloth with a sound see disc like patch in the middle. 

The radius of the see circle is one-fifth of the length of the flag. The green color represent the admiration of youthful vigor as well as the green fields and the ever green stablemate forest of Bangladesh. The circle symbolizes the rising run with new hopes and aspiration of a new nation. 

The flag is hoisted everyday on top of our important government buildings and educational institutions. It is hoisted everywhere on the independence day and the victory day. Our national flag always inspire up to dedicate our lives for the greater interest of the country. So we are proud of it.

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