My Native Village - Paragraph

The name of my native village is Karapur. It is a renowned village in the district of Barisal. It bears in testimony to this heritage of it's glorious past. It's beautiful scenes and scenery feed the eyes of the viewers. It's land area is about three square kilometers with vast green fields on all sides. Two well-conducted road run through the village leading to all directions. Nearly two thousand people live in my village. Most of them are Muslims and few of them is Hindus. Both Hindus and Muslims live together. Most of them belong to middle class. 

Agriculture is the main occupation to the villagers. About 80% of the people are agriculturists. Some traders and service holders also live here. There are two primary schools, one high school,one madrasah in this village. Besides of these, there is a small market in the middle of the village where the villagers gets the necessary commodities of there daily life.The communication of the village is highly developed. The climate of it is moderate. It is good for health of the people all the year. I am really proud of my village.

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