Early Marriage -Paragraph

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Early Marriage -Paragraph

Early marriage means a wedding between a young any and a young girl before reaching puberty. The girls of the extreme poverty stricken families both in the slums of the towns and cities and of villages are found to be married off before 15. The parents of there families cannot afford to educate their girls and cannot provide them with jobs.

These girls often eat up and pass time idly. This situations force the parents to make them married. Only poverty plays the key role in early marriage. In the existing socio-economic set-up parents are concerned about the marriage of their daughters. 
Superstitions, social and religions customs, discriminatory attitude towards girls, wrong idea about girls education are also responsible for early marriage. They become the victims of growing old early. In such a condition of their health, weak baby is born with different complications. So, this destructive practice should be stopped.

No girl should be married off before 18 and a boy before 21. The parents involved in early marriage should be punished. To encourage female education and to discourage early marriage our government has taken some positive steps, such as giving stipends to girls, recruiting more female teachers etc. This will help stopping early marriage.

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  1. Hi Dear Friend, you write here about early marriage. My opinion is same as you. But unconscious people support it. So, we should increasing people awareness.

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