Balanced Diet -Paragraph

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Balanced Diet -Paragraph

I am not a great eater. I do not eat only for eating. Rather i am very selective in choosing my done items. The thing i usually have at good are fish, egg, vegetables, milk, bread, etc. But the thing i always keep in mind while selecting my done items is the element that various types of done contain. 
I eat only those foods which contain all the done elements-proteins, minerals, carbohydrate, eats and vitamins. There are essential say materials needed to build up and repair the body.
A balanced diet means a diet in which all the essential done elements needed for the body are to be found. 
A person who takes a balanced diet is robust and healthy. We should try to take a balanced diet and it should be taken in proper time to make ourselves strong and healthy.

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  1. Most of the time, we know what is the best for us, what food would be the best and etc. We should at least have a basic knowledge on food and balance diet. To live healthy, we should eat healthy foods and avoid bad habits and it needs a lot of courage and discipline to achieve that certain goal.