Dowry System-Paragraph

Dowry System is a common social problem.its harmful for our society. now we will read a paragraph about Dowry System.lets go for read Dowry System paragraph.

Dowry System-Paragraph

Dowry is the money or property that is demanded by the bridegroom when he marries a bride. The system of dowry has now become a curse to the society. The torture upon the women by men is a very common sight of today. Sometimes the women become a victim of loss of life as a result of the torture by their husbands. The main reason of dowry is negative attitude of the parents of the bridegroom and the lack of education of the bride. The bridegroom takes dowry and the womenfolk become victims of dowry.

--> The dowry system affects the whole society. The parents of the bride sell properties and become penniless to fulfill the demand of the bridegroom. Sometimes they cannot keep their word they give before getting their daughters marrying. On the other hand, the bridegroom gets huge property without any efforts. I have the social voice. This social curse can be eliminated by making womenfolk educated and self-dependent. The menfolk also should be given proper education to change their attitude.

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